Juolin Lee is a Taiwanese-Canadian emerging dance artist who is fascinated by the transformative power of dance.

Juolin feels fortunate to live, learn and create on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

Juolin completed her training in Modus Operandi Contemporary Dance program in June 2021.

Juolin has a deep love and respect for the dance community shes immersed in.

She has the pleasure to work with Natalie TY Gan, Ziyian Kwan, Sammy Chien, Caroline MacCaull,Arash Khakpour, Emmalena Fredriksson and Zahra Shahab.

Dance to Juolin is a portal to indescribable emotions and complex, swerving stories.

Through openness and curiosity she wishes to continuously unpack her idea of self and her relationship with the world.


/ Newest Creation


Sometime when life get intense and overwhelming,
I find my mind wondering while I try to accomplish the mundane, everyday tasks. 

The matcha green Tatung Rice Cooker on stage is a traditional Taiwanese kitchenware.

It is one of the first things my mom received from a distance relative after arriving in Canada ten years ago.

Tatung Rice Cooker sits in every Taiwanese household.

It is a very practical and important helper in the kitchen, and a symbol of home,familiarity and comforting warm dishes.


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Closed Eyes_Co.Erasga Studio Salon Series

Apr 28th 5pm

Location: What Lab

Work in development

Supported through Co.Erasga Studio Salon Series Spring 2024

A solo work in progress by Juolin Lee Closed Eyes is a piece around the melancholy feeling of waiting and longing for the never returns.

A solo work in progress by Juolin Lee Closed Eyes is a piece around the melancholy feeling of waiting and longing for the never returns.

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/ Other Works.

Home Exploration

Deep in the pandemic Juolin explores a sense of solitude in the apartment she lived in for the past 3 years. Where does loneliness sit in the body? What happen when one's most constant place of home becomes unfamiliar? Behind the camera: Danielle Mackenzie Long Special thank you to Danielle Mackenzie Long and Allie Shiff Present through The Response Dance, Dance Cafe Instagram live feed performance series

Juolin and the Toaster

In Juolin and the Toaster, Juolin explores a rapidly changing relationship with a mini toaster oven. Through imagination the two of them shape shift and journey through a kaleidoscope of emotions. Special thank you to Allie Shiff, Kylie Miller, Oksana Augustine, Sarah Hutton, Ziyian Kwan, Kate Franklin and Tiffany Tregarthen

Nowhere here

Alternative dance spaceexploration - state based research. In Nowhere Here Juolin explores a feeling of solitude through interacting with the physical space of with a sense of alienation and confusion.